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Technical production

As a technical producer, we bridge the gap between creative ideas and technically feasible designs involving: lighting, sound, video, and set decoration. In this way, we produce and bring to life the experience of your event. We act as the intermediary between the client and the technical suppliers, handling planning, budget control, and coordination during both setup and load out. We do this from the initial concept all the way to on-site execution, ensuring a seamless coordination of various disciplines and a technically sound show.

Site production

Barriers, tents, road plates cabins, water, electricity... Various things are needed at and around an event, but who builds what, where, and when? Organizing the layout of an event site is a puzzle that we're happy to solve for you. Proper allocation of facilities ensures a safe and comfortable environment for visitors, artists, and crew. Additionally, an accurate site plan is crucial for permitting and a smooth setup and teardown phase. Equipped with technical drawings, budgets, schedules, and experienced site crew, we ensure that your event site lacks nothing.

Technical drawing

The challenges in event production often closely relate to tight schedules, complex technology, and strict safety requirements. In this context, a technical drawing is an indispensable tool. Technical drawing work provides the opportunity to prepare things in detail while maintaining an overview of the entire production. Our experienced draftsmen translate rough sketches and creative ideas into 3D CAD drawings, allowing an event to be prepared down to the millimeter.

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